Rimless Glasses

We use the very latest CNC lens glazing machinery for the production of our rimless glasses. The most precise drilling, milling and alignment processes are used producing rimless glasses to the best possible standard.

We can also adjust the lens shapes be it deeper, wider etc. for that perfect fit at no extra cost to you.


Pure Titanium superlight rimless glasses including the following lens types.

SINGLE-VISION extra thin lenses including anti scratch & anti-glare coatings from 99

BIFOCAL extra thin lenses including anti scratch coating from 150

VARIFOCAL (top quality tailor-made) lenses extra thin including scratch coating from 165

All rimless glasses include either polycarbonate, extra thin and light or trivex lenses for increased strength and durability. This also reduces the lens thickness and weight.

Single vision lenses include anti-glare coats as standard.

Varifocal price includes tailor-made lenses as standard.